Mineral deficiencies

Mineral deficiencies (particularly Calcium) are common in Australian soils and plants. Correcting these deficiencies can be a cost effective way to improve animal health, production and profitability.

Plant tissue testing is available for nutritional analysis in Australian lababoratories and should be done after the autumn break. Plant tissue testing is different to soil testing and is much more accurate at measuring what the sheep has available.

Contact us for further information on labs to use and interpreting results.

Worm Egg Counts

Worm Egg Counts (WEC’s) /Feacal egg counts (FEC’s) are easy and cheap to do.  

With drench costs on the increase, it makes sense to use WEC’s to minimise drench use.

Regular WEC’s also help target the best times to drench and what products to use. This is going to be increasingly important as wide spread drench resistance increases dramatically in the next decade.

Contact us for further information on how to get the best samples.

Parasite control

The Paraboss website is a FREE resource for farmers to use to help manage worms, flies and lice. The people who have written the information are the leading parasitologists and sheep veterinarians in Australia.

It has up to date information and practical advise on what to do in your situation. 

Better control of parasites is good for sheep health, good for the environment and saves money.  

I can help farmers use the information on the website along with their own worm counts to make management decisions.

ParaBoss Certificate in Sheep Parasite Management 

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